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Customs service

EURODEAN offers a full range of services for customs clearance:


— representation of client in customs bodies of Ukraine;


— clearance of import / export;


— preparation and translation of documents;


— calculation of customs duties, etc.;

EURODEAN’s team has many qualified and experienced brokers, who have a detailed familiarization of the features of customs and tariff legislation in Ukraine. It will help you solve all the problems that may be encountered in the implementation of international moving


Brokers of EURODEAN will draw up your personal effects at the customs bodies, respecting the confidentiality of information.


Under Ukrainian law, personal effects that are sent by citizens across the customs border of Ukraine, shall be declared by the commission of acts, either orally, or by the owner or by the customs authority, in writing.


list of goods that can be attributed to the personal belongings of citizens:

1) personal care and cosmetic products in the individual amount that meets the needs of one person for the period of the trip;
2) clothing, lingerie, shoes, having a purely personal nature, designed exclusively for their own use and have signs of use;
3) personal jewelry, including precious metals and stones, with signs of use;
4) written and personalized stationery;
5) one camera, one video camera, along with a reasonable number of photos, videos, films and accessories;
6) one portable projector and its accessories, together with a reasonable quantity of slides and / or films;
7) binoculars;
8) portable musical instruments, maximum two pieces;
9) one portable playback device (including tape recorder, CD player, etc.) with a reasonable amount of film, plates, discs;
10) one portable radio;
11) cellular (mobile) phones in the amount of no more than two pieces, pagers;
12) one portable TV;
13) portable personal computers to a maximum of two units and peripheral equipment and accessories, flash cards up to a maximum of three pieces;
14) one portable printing press;
15) calculators, electronic books, maximum two pieces;
16) individual medical products for human life and status control, with signs of use;
17) the common and / or walking strollers in an amount corresponding to the number of children crossing the border together with a citizen, and in the absence of children – no more than one piece;
18) one wheelchair for every disabled person who crosses the customs border of Ukraine, and in the absence of such a person – no more than one piece;
19) drugs that are sent through the customs border of Ukraine in the order and amounts determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
20) wristwatches in a maximum of two pieces;
21) 0.5 liters of cologne and / or 100 grams of perfume;
22) sports equipment – biking, fishing rod, a set of climbing equipment, a set of diving equipment, a set of skis, a set of tennis rackets, surfboards, windsurfing kit, golf equipment, and other similar equipment designed for use by one person;
23) special kids’ meals for children with diseases that require special food, which is not made in Ukraine, which is sent through the customs border of Ukraine in the manner and amounts determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;