EURODEAN - international movers


Items are packaged by highly qualified specialists who have acquired skills from leading European companies and have extensive experience in this field.
One of the main aspects of transportation is the right choice of packaging materials. TM «EUROPEAN» uses materials that comply with international standards
In our arsenal are cardboard boxes of different sizes and strengths, which are designed specifically for packaging:

– books
– magazines and papers
– dishes and household utensils
– clothes on hangers
– furniture and household equipment
– cultural objects and art
Moving your belongings with EURODEAN, you can be sure that it will be delivered to the specified time and place in a safe manner. Our packaging materials are more adapted to the move, since they have a greater margin of safety, which is very important for the successful transportation of personal effects.

We pack fragile items very carefully, marking boxes with special signs or simply signing. This allows the movers to be more careful when loading / unloading boxes.

Since private property is often on the road over long distances to a new home, there may be a potential for danger or damage to many items of furniture. Professional packing in a properly fitted box using protective materials reduces the risk of damage.


Wardrobe – the boxes are used to carry clothes on hangers, this kind of packaging is very convenient to transport, as it allows your clothes to retain its original appearance.

Standard box – used to pack books, dishes, and other documents.

Wrapping paper – reliable material for packing fragile items.

Bubble wrap – generic packaging, you can pack anything.

Different types of film – used in conjunction with other packaging materials.

Packing tape – the movement of things can not be done without packing tape. It is ideal for working with cardboard packaging. After the delivery you can easily open the cardboard box by removing the packing tape.

But high-end packaging materials do not guarantee complete success. Only the correct professional packaging ensures the safe delivery of items to another country.