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Moving of arts

Transportation of art across the border of Ukraine has a lot of features and customs rules. You may like to do this on your own, or to ask for help from those who have already encountered such operations. Sending art to another country by a moving company will save you not only time, but also save you from all the surrounding hassles.

For a start, we identify what is related to the type of art, what has to be removed and if it has to be moved by obtaining a special certificate, because moving certain kinds of cultural objects do not require a permit, and some can not be transported out of the country

According to the Law of Ukraine from 21.09.99 № 1068-XIV “On export, import and return of cultural property”

Сultural values are objects of material and spiritual culture of artistic, historical, ethnographic and scientific value and are subject to conservation, recreation and protection in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, namely:

– original art paintings, drawings and sculptures

– artistic compositions and montages in any material

– arts and crafts and traditional folk art;

– items related to historical events, the development of state and society, the history of science and culture, as well as those relating to the life and work of prominent figures of the state, political parties, social and religious organizations, science, culture and art;

– objects of museum value found during archaeological excavations;

– components and fragments of architectural, historical and artistic monuments and monumental art;

– old books, and other publications of historical, artistic, scientific and literary value, individually or in collections;

– manuscripts and incunabula, early printed, archival documents, including movies, photos, and audio documents, singly or in collections;

– unique and rare musical instruments;

– weapons, which have artistic, historical, ethnographic and scientific value;

– rare stamps and other philatelic materials, singly or in collections;

– rare coins, orders, medals, stamps and other collectibles;

– zoological collections of scientific, cultural, educational, teaching and educational or aesthetic value;

– rare collections and specimens of fauna and flora, minerals and anatomy, and paleontology;

– family values – cultural values, which have the character of personal or household items;

The law does not apply to modern souvenirs, cultural goods of serial and mass production. That means there is no need to obtain special certificates or permits


Export from Ukraine are not subject to:

– cultural values, listed in the National Register of the national cultural heritage;

– cultural values included in the National Archive Fund;

– cultural values included in the Museum fund of Ukraine.

Accordingly, in order to determine which category your art is, it’s necessary to make an examination by an authorized person of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. The result of which will be concluded, and (in the case of a positive decision) issue certificates entitling the transport across country borders.

To order the service on the transport of cultural property in another country, please contact us by phone, available on the website or send an inquir