EURODEAN - international movers


How much, on average, does moving take to another country cost?To give a precise answer to this question we need to know:
1) from and to which country you are going to move. For example, shipping to Europe or to another continent has different time periods
2) type of transportation – cargo can be delivered by land, sea or air transport
3) completion of necessary documents for customs procedures (see below)
What stages does a move include?1)Estimation and preparation of a quotation from our side
2) Packing and shipping items to the warehouse
3) In parallel, we process the documents for customs clearance
4) Transportation from point A to point B
5) Delivery and unpacking things at the point of destination
What documents are required from the customer?For employees of foreign companies:
– Letter with the confirmation of employment
– Copy of passport and ID code
– The power of attorney that gives the right, on behalf of a client to represent his interests in Customs
– Work permit
– Copy of company registration
For persons with diplomatic status:
– Letter from an Embassy to confirm employment
– Copy of passport and ID code
– The power of attorney from the Embassy on the original letterhead, signed by Consul
– A copy of the diplomatic card
– Certificate of registration of the Embassy
For physical persons:
– Copy of passport and ID code
– The power of attorney for representation in Customs
How do you transport a pet?One of the mandatory conditions of importing pets to Ukraine is that the animal can not be transported unaccompanied.
Documents to transport animals:
• copy of passport and ID of the owner;
• passport of the pet;
• export permits;
• Info on all vaccinations.
• veterinary certificate
What is forbidden for transportation across the border?Not accepted for transportation without licenses or special permits:
1. Fire, gas, cold and mechanical weapons of all kinds
2. Explosives and related materials
3. Compressed and liquefied gases
4. Flammable liquids
5. Flammable solids
6. Toxic substances
7. Caustic and corrosive substances
8. Precious and rare earth metals and their products
9. Precious stones and articles thereof
10. Banknotes and equivalent currency
11. Strategic materials
12. Space-rocket systems, communication systems and management, military and normative-technical documentation on their production and operation
13. Uranium and other share materials and articles thereof
14. X-ray equipment and equipment containing radioactive substances and isotopes;
15. Results of research and design work as well as fundamental research with a search of weapons and military equipment;
16. Cryptographic equipment and normative-technical documentation for its production and use;
17. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
and others