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EURODEAN provides insurance services, which are an important part of the complex solution for moving personal effects internationally.
Because of many years of cooperation with one of the leading insurance companies in Ukraine, EURODEAN offers its customers the most favorable terms of insurance covering all risks associated with packaging, transportation, storage, in transit and delivery of your belongings to the destination.
At the same time EURODEAN offers zero liability coverage..


Conditions apply to any cargo insurance of transportation, both in Ukraine and abroad. Eurodean International Movers provides insurance against the risk of loss, damage, destruction, theft, and more. Personal Insurance at the time of transporting them – is the only way to compensate for the losses that may occur in the event of danger:


– Damage or total loss of all or part of the personal effects that have occurred for any reason;


– Damage or total loss of all or part of the cargo of a total accident.


– Damage or total loss of all or part of the personal effects due to fire, lightning, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes or other natural disasters, the collapse or collision of vessels, aircraft and other carriers with each other, or their impact on fixed or floating objects, vessel grounding, bridge collapse, damage to the vessel with ice, wetting by sea water, as well as measures taken to rescue or fire fighting;


– The loss of the vehicle without a trace;


– Damage or total loss of all or part of the load due to an accident during loading, stowage or unloading of cargo and fueling;


The insurance amount is determined based on the value of the personal effects on the date of registration of insurance, this amount may be equal to the market value or less. Insurance period: from the time of shipment from the origin to the time of delivery at the destination. Under the contract, the insurance coverage may be applicable when loading cargo at the point of sending and unloading cargo at the destination.


Insurance rates depend on the conditions of transport, means of transport, type of cargo, the distance traveled, objective risk, availability of overload transshipments and interim storage.


The insurance rate is determined individually based on the information provided in the application for insurance.