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Air freight

The main advantage of using air transportation for personal effects is the high speed of delivery. To date, air travel is the fastest kind of transport. Therefore, air transportation is considered to be the best option, especially when there is no time to carry the goods by road or sea.

Before sending, the belongings are packed and placed in a special container in order for it to be protected from external influences. Contacting the moving company, you do not have to worry about the correct registration of the cargo, booking for seats on the plane, and the control of the transportation process. Even if the final point of delivery is not a functioning airport, we will deliver the goods to the destination, using vehicles.

International air transportation is governed by many legal documents: regulation of aviation, including relevant laws, regulations, certification and licensing regulations, internal Ukrainian regulations for the transport and transportation by aircraft.

Air freight requires mandatory customs clearance. Efficiency and safe delivery are the most important benefits of air travel

Air freight, as with other types of transport, has its own distinctive points. The proper handling of these features allow you to significantly reduce the time and financial costs of the organization of air traffic.